Through its long-standing sponsorship program in the province, Loto-Quebec has been a proud supporter of cultural and entertainment initiatives for decades. To bring their new brand positioning of “A World of Entertainment” to life, they wanted to rethink one of their classic and most popular means of entertainment: fireworks. With its use of technology, “Spark” marked an evolution towards greener fireworks and introduced a participatory framework where the public could become more than simple spectators. People had the chance to activate part of the fireworks display live on site while a string quartet played a musical accompaniment.

Directrice de l’engagement sociétal, Lucie Lamoureux
Guylaine Marchand, Direction de l’engagement sociétal
Vanessa Bourgois, Conseillère en commandite
Natacha Charland, Conseillère principale - Direction des relations publiques

VP Direction conseil : Simon Cazelais
Direction conseil :Sarah Gagnon Marin
Conseil : Meggie Lavoie
Direction de création : Jonathan Rouxel
Conception-rédaction : Alexis Caron-Côté
Direction artistique : Alexandre Béland
Design web : - blogue : Sylvain Jacques
Media : Sandra Boily
Relation de presse : Karl-Philippe Marchand Giguère, Tara-Alexandra Roberge
Production : Anne Saint-Laurent

Programmation : 1one production
Maison de production : 1one production
Réalisation : 1one production
Direction artistique : 1one production
Direction photo : 1one production
Post-production : 1one production
Musique : Quatuor 4 Ailes
Sound Design : 1one production
Motion Design : 1one production

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