Accueil Bonneau - keep your money

The Accueil Bonneau is a charitable organisation dedicated to helping Montreal's homeless community for the past 135 years. The objective of the ambient stunt was to increase donations raised during Metro-Bonneau Day, an event which goes to benefit Montreal's homeless. We believed that the best way to get noticed was to engage the Montreal's homeless community and get them to be involved in the metro on the day of the fundraiser. We armed them with cardboard signs that carried a simple yet disruptive message: Keep your money for a good cause. Dozens of homeless people occupied Montreal metro stations and created a disruption that made people realize the link between the cardboard signs and the fundraising event. Out of disdain, indifference or simply out of fear that the money will be misspent, metro users typically don't give money directly to the homeless. By encouraging to metro users to keep their money for a greater cause than themselves, the homeless community itself became the best channel of communication. With the help of Montreal's homeless, we increased donations during the Metro- Bonneau Day by 35%. Agency: BCP Étienne Bastien Bcp Vice-President/Creative Director/Copywriter Jonathan Rouxel Bcp Co-Creative Director/Art Director Guillaume Blanchet Bcp Copywriter Frédéric Girard Bcp Art Director Jérôme Bajulaz Bcp Art Director Michèle Bastien Bcp Account Manager

 Agency : BCP
Client : Accueil Bonneau
VP, Creative Director : Etienne Bastien
Co-Creative Director: Jonathan Rouxel
Art Directors : Jonathan Rouxel, Jérôme Bajulaz, Frédéric Girard
Writers : Etienne Bastien, Guillaume Blanchet
Photographer: Jonathan Rouxel
Account Manager : Michèle Bastien
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